Chloe Cherry

The ‘Euphoria’ actress was a proud porn star before being cast in the TV drama. She began her adult career in 2015 when she turned 18 and moved from Lancaster to Miami and signed with Hussie Models. In 2022, she made her acting debut in 'Euphoria' - which also stars Zendaya, Maude Apatow and Eric Dane - and is now fully focused on being an actress and fashion model. But Chloe has no regrets about her past. Speaking about her journey into adults only entertainment, she said: "I feel like maybe I wouldn’t have been as into sex if people weren’t so anti-sex. That’s what we were taught in school, that abstinence is key and all this weird stuff, and I had these weird ideas about sex. “I swear, if you tell people you can never do it and never have it, it just messes with them,”