Details for Foreclosure on Right to Redeem 280 Cedar St Thomson, Georgia 30824

GEORGIA, MCDUFFIE COUNTY NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE OF RIGHT TO REDEEM To: VIRGINIA LOUISE COLLINS & UNKNOWN HEIRS/ ESTATE REPRESENTATIVE OF VIRGINIA LOUISE COLLINS, IF ANY; WILLIAM BRYANT SWAN, JR., AS ADMINISTRATOR OF THE ESTATE OF VIRGINIA LOUISE COLLINS; GREGORY C. HUGHES & UNKNOWN HEIRS/ ESTATE REPRESENTATIVE OF GREGORY C. HUGHES, IF ANY; MILTON B. FAULK & UNKNOWN HEIRS/ ESTATE REPRESENTATIVE OF MILTON B. FAULK, IF ANY; GEORGIA POWER COMPANY, AS EASEMENT HOLDER; TENANT/OWNER/ OCCUPANT OF 280 CEDAR STREET, THOMSON, GEORGIA 30824; AND ALL PERSONS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN HAVING RECORD IN MCDUFFIE COUNTY ANY RIGHT, TITLE, INTEREST IN, OR LIEN UPON 280 CEDAR STREET, THOMSON, GEORGIA 30824. RE: FORECLOSURE OF EQUITY OF REDEMPTION FOR TAX SALE DEED (REF. O.C.G.A. §48-4-45 et seq; 48-4-45 & 48-4-46) Take notice that: The right to redeem the following described property, to wit will expire and be forever foreclosed and barred at five o’clock (5 p.m.) on and after October 13, 2022 or within 30 days after legal service of the Notice pursuant to 48-4-45 et seq., whichever date is later: All that lot or parcel of land, with improvements thereon, situate, lying and being in the 134th District, G.M., of McDuffie County, Georgia, approximately one and one-half miles North from the City of Thomson, in the West Woods Subdivision known and designated as Lot Number 2 of Block B, on a plat recorded in Plat Book “A,” at Page 70, in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of McDuffie County, Georgia, and to which plat and the record thereof, reference is hereby made for the metes, bounds, courses, and distances of the lot hereby conveyed. Said lot is bounded on the North by Cedar Street; on the East by Lot 3, Block B in the West Woods Subdivision; on the south by Anderson Acres Subdivision; and on the West by Lot 1, Block B in the West Woods Subdivision. The foregoing lot is Parcel V in Warranty Deed from King Development Company to E. Wilson Hawes dated May 19, 1961 and recorded in Deed Book 53, at Pages 233-36, aforesaid Clerk’s Office. FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY: As described in Deed Book 121, Page 186 in the aforementioned Clerk’s Office. Currently recognized as Tax Map and Parcel Number T0946, McDuffie County Tax Assessor’s Office. Currently and commonly recognized as 280 Cedar Street, Thomson, McDuffie County, Georgia 30824. The property may be redeemed on or before the time and date stated above by payment of the redemption price fixed and provided by law to the undersigned at the following address: James Flournoy c/o Kristen T. Jones Turner Jones Legal, LLC Post Office Box 1703 Lincolnton, Georgia 30817 (706) 359-3332